Thanks so much for your voice mail regarding the bike. I will be sure to take it easy for a few more miles. It has been so much easier to start. It runs much better. I am quite pleased. Thanks again John!


Hi John,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the great job on my 84 Honda Magna. It is running like new. I checked around alot before I decided who to take it to. After it had been sitting for 7 years I thought it would take divine intervention to get it up to speed. Your estimate was accurate and reasonable, your work was meticulous, and you got it done when you said you would. I'll bring in my CRF 230 in August. Thanks again for your service and your ethics.

Good evening,

Charles here with the 1400 Intruder. You have done an amazing job with a most difficult machine. I had given up hope ever enjoying that bike again. The Intruder had become plagued with electrical and carburetion issues, it rarely started. and barely could move. Now it fires right up and hangs with freeway traffic.

You accomplished what Grand Prix, Faster Motorsports, RPM, and my mechanic in Texas couldn't; I appreciate it!

I suspect it will never run like stock but it runs better than it has in years.



I bought a 1985 Suzuki GS700ESF at the beginning of June, not running and not knowing what to expect. The price was good but the mystery was mounting. Where do I take this 2-wheeled hunk of metal? So I called around. As you probably know most repair shops / dealers will not work on a bike over ten years old. Great! Then I found Motofix! John, gave me great confidence over the phone. I knew this dude could fix my bike… and not destroy my wallet. Over the next week John, provided me with knowledgeable suggestions and answers and kept me up-to-date on what was going on. Before I knew it, the bike was up and running. The price was awesome and John, continues to answer any inquiries I may have. Five stars! Thanks for helping the novice. I would refer Motofix to any one that wants a professional to do the job RIGHT!!
Thank you,