From diagnosing a mysterious problem, to changing a tire, to installing a new crankshaft and everything in between, MotoFix handles it all.

MotoFix specializes in Japanese motorcycles. No cars, no quads, no snowmobiles - just bikes. It is this specialization that puts MotoFix ahead of the rest when it comes to knowledge and reliability.


Certain services have a flat rate and others have an hourly rate. For instance, repairing leaking fork seals or changing a tire is charged at a flat rate and diagnostics are charged hourly. The current hourly rate is $75 for motorcycles that are 1991 and newer and $95 for motorcycles that are older than 1990. These prices are subject to change as needed and do not include parts.

Time necessary for completion of work varies greatly and is dependant on the make and model of the motorcycle, as well as the problems at hand.

Please contact MotoFix for a preliminary quote.


These guides are for your convenience only and will not guaranty warranty of the motorcycle, nor will it prevent damage to the motorcycle or mechanical failures.

Recommended Minimum Maintenance for Dirt Bikes

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Recommended Minimum Maintenance for Street Bikes

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