MotoFix is a motorcycle repair shop run by John Musser, a former service technician with eight years of experience in Colorado motorcycle dealerships. However, John never really felt at home in dealerships and believed that a back-to-basics concept for the treatment of customers was the better approach.

Follow the Golden Rule

John was raised to treat people how he wanted to be treated. He believed that one should give customers respect, listen to them and convey information to them based upon their experience and know-how. If you think about it, a conversation with someone who knows nothing about his or her bike should be different than a conversation with someone who does most or all of his or her own maintenance. If not, the person with less knowledge may feel confused or belittled. The rider who does his or her own maintenance may be frustrated or angry if what he or she says is not heard. In either case, the customer is not happy.

To achieve the greatest sense of customer satisfaction and retention, John decided that his business model must include a personalized mechanic-to-client component. While potentially more complex and time intensive up front, in the end, this model saves the customer time and money.

Sense of Belonging

John believes people who like to ride motorcycles, whether it's a dirt bike, sport bike or cruiser, are like a club. Each rider has a sense of belonging to a larger community of motorcycle enthusiasts, who have a similar set of goals, priorities and difficulties (which may be different than their four wheeled friends). John understands these issues in an in-depth manner that can only come from experience. Bringing a riders viewpoint to every job, John is able to provide each customer with the benefit of his hands-on expertise.

Creating the Business

After a couple of years thinking about and planning his concept, John took action and created MotoFix to promote:

  • Personalized customer interaction
  • Education of customers regarding maintenance and repair
  • High quality service for a fair and reasonable price
  • Convenience
  • Short wait times

Experience and Professionalism

John's experience, professionalism and dedication to the sport gives you confidence in knowing your machine will perform how you need it to, when you need it to.  John bolsters his aircraft maintenance background with ongoing manufacturer training seminars and continuing education in the field.  He is committed to teaching motorcycle riders about their bikes, ensuring that every ride is more enjoyable than the last.