Customer Service

So many companies have decided to forgo customer service in favor of the quick buck. That is a sure fire way to make a dollar but you may lose the customer in the process. MotoFix is governed by treating others how we want to be treated. If you ever feel wronged by us please let us know so the problem can be addressed and resolved. We never want to be the reason for someones bad day, after all, we are here to help, not make it worse.

Knowledge, patience and commitment

Simply put; You must have the knowledge to do the work, patience to do the work thoroughly and accurately and commitment to put knowledge and patience before profit.

Good mechanics are hard to come by as we all know. Finding people who have the patience and will take the time to do the job right the first time, without compromise, is almost unheard of in the over promise under deliver consumer market. We at MotoFix strive to under promise and over deliver so when you get your machine back, you not only have a better running machine, you also perceive a superior value opposed to feeling let down. It requires a solid commitment to the customer to be willing to be less profitable on a job to make sure it is done right.


We understand that not everyone knows exactly what they should or shouldn’t be doing in regards to maintaining your machine. 40% of repairs that come in the door are avoidable and we want you out riding your bike rather than having it repaired costing time and money. MotoFix will answer questions, give suggestions and help you understand what language your bike speaks. Once you and your machine are talking again, it's easy to keep you both happy for a long time, saving time and money during and in between your motorcycling adventures.

Our focus is on Japanese - metric bikes;


Unfortunately we only work on these 5 brands of scooters and motorcycles;

HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, and KAWASAKI but we also work on KTM.

We service and repair any age of bike as long as parts are still available. Just because it's a little older doesn't mean it's not worth fixing!


Since 2006 With 23 years experiance.

Why MotoFix?

MotoFix is more than a repair shop for your motorcycle, it's a place for people too. A place for honest conversations to help guide you to make well informed decisions about your goals for riding and how to establish a good line of communication between you and your motorcycle. MotoFix brings you;

  • Personalized service - talk directly with your motorcycle technician, not "a service advisor"
  • Professionalism
  • Top-notch mechanical expertise
  • Superior value
  • Concern for you, your bike and your ride result
  • Fast turn-around
  • A desire to deliver more than expected

Your bike deserves the best, and at MotoFix that's what it will get, with;

  • Attention to the smallest of details and adjustments
  • Specialty tools and lifts
  • Quality over quantity
  • Protected work space and storage while being worked on
  • Clean and bright working conditions
  • Security of always being garaged

MotoFix is a vacation for your motorcycle; returned to you rested, refreshed and ready to tackle even the most demanding roads, tracks or trails.