August 17, 2020 Update!

MotoFix 3.0 is in full swing! It’s mid August and we are very busy once again after the move. We still have some things to do in the shop but we are working and trying to get stuff done as fast as we can. We increased the lighting in the shop and had some other wiring done to increase productivity. A large sign is scheduled to be installed above the bay door this week assuming the permit gets approved (covid-19 has brought permit approvals to a crawl). More shelving and cabinets are to be installed. The Floor is done even though the floor is not to my standards, it will work. The space is smaller than the previous place but it’s also in a safer neighborhood with better security and very considerate neighbors. In short, it feels more like MotoFix 1.0 super sized!

The smaller shop space is a challenge but my organization skills will help alleviate the problem. Because of this we will be working by appointment more. We can still do small stuff on the fly but it does depend on the job at hand.

Covid-19 has impacted us by the way of shipping and receiving parts, our suppliers are unable to make shipping promises and therefor we can’t either. We do our best to plan ahead but best laid plans and all that… We can do expedited shipping but sometimes the cost doesn’t justify only one or two days of improvement, that choice is typically yours to make. We will continue to do our best at sourcing parts as fast as we can even when the system seems to be fighting back.

Thank you to all of our customers who put their trust in us as we know there are other choices out there. We are currently scheduling for larger jobs in Mid-late Sept. Small stuff we can usually squeeze in here and there and as always, Friday is tire and oil change day because more than a week to get an oil change done is in no ones best interest.

Thank you for your support of MotoFix!



It’s June 29th and I’m working hard trying to get things moved over to reopen for business in July 2020!

MotoFix 2.0 went well, but anyone that came to see me once I reopened, saw the disaster the parking area was and how filthy everything got. Not to mention the constant music pounding from the neighbors. I’m very happy to be getting out of that place!

We are now moving on to MotoFix 3.0! We have a new location, granted it’s smaller but I think I can make it work. We just had the floor epoxied so we are off to a great start there. The new place will look more like my garage than 2.0 and I worked out of there for many years.

Keep checking in to see how things are going! Thank you for your continued patience while I work through these challenging times. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the dedicated clients and their bikes who have been waiting patiently to have their bikes serviced!