It’s June 29th and I’m working hard trying to get things moved over to reopen for business in July 2020!

MotoFix 2.0 went well, but anyone that came to see me once I reopened, saw the disaster the parking area was and how filthy everything got. Not to mention the constant music pounding from the neighbors. I’m very happy to be getting out of that place!

We are now moving on to MotoFix 3.0! We have a new location, granted it’s smaller but I think I can make it work. We just had the floor epoxied so we are off to a great start there. The new place will look more like my garage than 2.0 and I worked out of there for many years.

Keep checking in to see how things are going! Thank you for your continued patience while I work through these challenging times. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the dedicated clients and their bikes who have been waiting patiently to have their bikes serviced!